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San Juan County

Sheriff’s Department



Duties of the Sheriffs

Utah Code 17-22-2.   Sheriff -- General duties.
     (1) The sheriff shall:
     (a) preserve the peace;
     (b) make all lawful arrests;
     (c) attend in person or by deputy the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals when required or when the court is held within his county, all courts of record, and court commissioner and referee sessions held within his county, obey their lawful orders and directions, and comply with the court security rule, Rule 3-414, of the Utah Code of Judicial Administration;
     (d) upon request of the juvenile court, aid the court in maintaining order during hearings and transport a minor to and from youth corrections facilities, other institutions, or other designated places;
     (e) attend county justice courts if the judge finds that the matter before the court requires the sheriff's attendance for security, transportation, and escort of jail prisoners in his custody, or for the custody of jurors;
     (f) command the aid of as many inhabitants of his county as he considers necessary in the execution of these duties;
     (g) take charge of and keep the county jail and the jail prisoners;
     (h) receive and safely keep all persons committed to his custody, file and preserve the commitments of those persons, and record the name, age, place of birth, and description of each person committed;
     (i) release on the record all attachments of real property when the attachment he receives has been released or discharged;
     (j) endorse on all process and notices the year, month, day, hour, and minute of reception, and, upon payment of fees, issue a certificate to the person delivering process or notice showing the names of the parties, title of paper, and the time of receipt;
     (k) serve all process and notices as prescribed by law;
     (l) if he makes service of process or notice, certify on the process or notices the manner, time, and place of service, or, if he fails to make service, certify the reason upon the process or notice, and return them without delay;
     (m) extinguish fires occurring in the undergrowth, trees, or wooded areas on the public land within his county;
     (n) perform as required by any contracts between the county and private contractors for management, maintenance, operation, and construction of county jails entered into under the authority of Section 17-53-311;
     (o) manage search and rescue services in his county;
     (p) obtain saliva DNA specimens as required under Section 53-10-404;
     (q) on or before January 1, 2003, adopt a written policy that prohibits the stopping, detention, or search of any person when the action is solely motivated by considerations of race, color, ethnicity, age, or gender; and
     (r) perform any other duties that are required by law.
     (2) Violation of Subsection (1)(j) is a class C misdemeanor. Violation of any other subsection under Subsection (1) is a class A misdemeanor.
Amended by Chapter 140, 2002 General Session
Amended by Chapter 219, 2002 General Session


(Except on the Navajo Nation) Dial Area Code: 435 then 911


Sheriff Rick Eldredge

Telephone: 435-587-2237
Fax: 435-587-2013
Address: P.O. Box 788
               297 S. Main Street
               Monticello, Utah 84535




The San Juan County Public Safety building serves as home for the Sheriff’s Office. The multifunction building was constructed in 1989. The building serves as Jail, Court, and Legislator offices.  

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San Juan County Sheriff 435-587-2237
Utah Highway Patrol 435-587-2000


Angel Arch, Canyonlands National Park,
 San Juan County, Utah

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