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Application for a Marriage License

A license issued in San Juan County is valid throughout the State of Utah.


John David Nielson, San Juan County Clerk/Auditor
435-587-3223 ext. 4113

James Francom, Chief Deputy Clerk
435-587-3223 ext. 4112

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 338
Monticello, Utah  84535

Where to Apply
How to Apply
When to Apply
Minors ages 16-17
Minors age 15
Minors age 14
First Cousins
Persons Who may Perform Marriages
Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses
Name Changes

Where to Apply

San Juan County Clerk/Auditor
117 South Main Street
Monticello, Utah 84535


Marriage license applications are accepted weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

How to Apply

Both parties must appear at the County Clerk's office, complete an application form and pay a fee of $30.00 (non-refundable). Current picture identification which includes a birth date is required.

When to Apply

Upon completion a marriage license becomes effective immediately and is valid for 30 days. If the marriage license is not used within 30 days, the document must be returned to the Clerk/Auditor's office and a new license must be purchased.

Minors ages 16-17

Minors must obtain consent from a parent or legal guardian. Parents or legal guardians must give sworn consent in person at the time of application.

If the parents of the minor are divorced, the parent, who has physical custody of the minor the majority of the time must sign.

If the minor is not in the custody of a parent, the legal guardian shall provide the consent and provide proof of guardianship by court order.

Minors age 15

A Petition for Authorization to Marry and Court Order form must be obtained from the Clerk/Auditor's office and taken to a juvenile court judge.

The Minor must be interviewed by the juvenile court judge to determine if the Minor is willingly entering into the marriage.

Consent from a parent or legal guardian is also required. Parents or legal guardians must give sworn consent in person at the time of application.

Minors age 14

As of May 3rd, 1999 minors 14 years and younger may not obtain a marriage license.

First Cousins

First Cousins ages 55 or older may marry if evidence is presented to the district court in the county where they reside and either person is incapable of reproduction.  First cousins 65 years of age and older may marry.

Persons Who may Perform Marriages

Marriages may be legally performed within the State of Utah by (not a complete list):

  • Ministers, rabbis, or priests of any religious denomination
  • Mayors of municipalities
  • A Justice of the Peace, a judge, or Commissioner of a court of record, or judge of a court not of record of the State of Utah.
  • Judges or magistrates of the United States
  • The County Clerk of any county in the State
  • Native American Spiritual Advisors

Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses

As of August 1, 2005, after a Marriage License has been returned to our office, two certified copies will be mailed to you. The fees for additional copies are as follows:

1 Regular Copy $2.00
1 Certified Copy $6.00
2 Certified Copies $10.00

A certified copy is a legal document. It is stamped and sealed as if it were the original document.

Certified copies may be required to change names through the Social Security Administration or Drivers License. Insurance companies may also require a certified copy.

A copy can be purchased in person or by mailing a request with a check or money order for the correct amount to the address listed below:

San Juan County - Clerk/Auditor
P.O. Box 338
Monticello, Utah 84535

A mailed request should include the following information:

  • Name of the applicants with the name used by the bride at the time of application
  • Date and place of marriage
  • Marriage license number if possible
  • Fee (as shown above)

San Juan has on file all marriage licenses purchased in San Juan County from 1888 to the present. If you are not certain that a license was purchased in San Juan County, you may call the Clerk/Auditor's office at 435-587-3223.

Name Changes

For information on changing your name through the Social Security Administration, please call 1-800-772-1213. The Social Security Office is located in Durango, Colorado at 701 Camino Del Rio.

For Information on changing your name through the Drivers License Division in Blanding call 1-435-678-1465. The Drivers License Division is located at 151 East 500 North, Blanding, Utah.

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